In a town with so many shades, backgrounds, ancestors from near & far; we have for years had no choice but to keep SA real.  Now that we are being inundated with outsiders who don’t know & even worse don’t care to know or respect the history & story of our beloved town it is up to us to keep it real.

How do we do that?  Keep being you!

We know many badasses out there who for years have been doing great work. We have watched each other, supported and even pushed each other out of the barriers that could have kept us down. Pero, we said – nah I am gonna do it anyway.  We say to our elders – keep teaching us and when it is time lift us up, don’t keep us below you. We say to the younger generations – keep challenging the norms, listen to your inner voice & be brave! To our peers we say – thank you for the constant inspiration, having our backs & calling us out & holding us accountable.  San Anto has been & always will be a fertile ground for revolution/evolution!

We are honored to be included in the award-winning film An Urban Revolution by Laura Varela (5 min.) It features many movers and shakers in our community including Rebel Mariposa and Danny Constante from La Botanica. This film won the award for Best Director at the San Antonio Film Festival 2015 City on the Rise Category.

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