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a truly unique space in San Anto dedicated to food that isn't just delicious and nutritious but also respectful of our planet and its inhabitants.

Given our incredible history and culture here in Tejas, our food embodies the rich traditions of TexMex, Gulf Coast, New Mexican and Mexican cuisine. Our food and drinks have been designed around accessible and seasonal ingredients. But more than an eatery, La Botanica aims to be a gathering place for an eclectic beloved community.

Edible gardens in our sizable wrap-around yard supply fresh veggies and herbs for our kitchen, serving as an accessible laboratory for those wanting to learn to grow their own food. We also have film screenings and live music on our lovely patio, regular installations by local artists, cooking and gardening classes, and benefits for to raise funds for movements that advance social justice.

It's never too late to
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Our Menu Staples

...But Seasonal Eats Appear At Times


  1. Garlic Bread Thumbnail


    Black Beans on Bread topped with a generous portion of fresh Avocado, Cilantro & Lime Slaw, Salsa Verde, and our homemade Escabeche

  2. Garlic Bread Thumbnail

    Ceviche Huehuecoyotl

    Oyster Mushrooms and Hearts Of Palm with Cucumber and Avocado

  3. Mixed Salad Thumbnail

    Black Bean Empanadas

    A deep-fried Empanada served with a side of fresh fruit

  4. BBQ Chicken Wings Thumbnail

    Ms. Bella's Fried Red Beans & Rice Balls

    Bite-sized deep-fried Rice Balls with a Southern flair


  1. Chocolate Fudgecake Thumbnail

    Sugarbomb's Strawberry Calas

    Bite-sized donut-like treats, topped with a rich strawberry sauce


  1. Premium Beer Thumbnail

    Pepino Blanco

    House-Made Cucumber Fresca with Gin and Mint

  2. Sparkling White Wine Thumbnail

    Mi Cariño

    House-Made Cucumber Fresca with Cranberry Vodka and Mint

  3. Sparkling White Wine Thumbnail


    Mezcal, Triple Sec, Fresh OJ and Sweet-N-Sour

Not much can match
the healing powers of
a well-made drink

Our People

The Friendliest Folks

Staff Member Thumbnail

Andrea Vince


Her boozing knowledge is very evident in her finely crafted cocktails. Rumored to be extremely close to perfecting a hangover-free drink.

Staff Member Thumbnail

Rebel Mariposa


Rebel is said to have been a descendant of an actual ancient harvest goddess. She gets her super powers from ears of corn.

Staff Member Thumbnail

Monica Moreno

Bar Master

She can rock your face off, then will open a beer bottle with Telekinesis if your tip is substantial enough.

Oh hey, our Patio is
Dog Friendly!