Ecos y Voces del Arte

E.V.A. (Ecos y Voces de Arte) operates under the leadership of the nationally acclaimed artist Verónica Castillo Salas. Castillo Salas states that art is a necessity in the life of every human being and yet the traditional arts are disappearing.
She states,

“I want to use what I have been given, to share my culture and my traditions, to transmit them in this country that adopted me.”

Together with an international network of artists, E.V.A. offers the space and support for various forms of cultural art to thrive.


E.V.A. provides a platform where kids, youth and adults have the opportunity to develop an understanding of the important role the arts play in their personal lives and in the community at large. Additionally, this learning platform cultivates and augments intellectual skills and contributes to the development of learning abilities with the purpose of preparing them to become professionals in their community.

We also offer lessons and workshops in a variety of artistic skills including, but not limited to: sculpture, traditional dance and music, embroidery, painting, wood carving, handicrafts and other traditional crafts.

E.V.A. is located on the south side of San Antonio, Texas at 3412 South Flores Street, 78204.


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