Bringing healthy vegan eats to our communities

Our Philosophy

La Botanica  is a queer, feminist-led culinary and wellness company whose mission is to make healing with foods and ancestral ways more accessible as a tool for self-discovery and empowerment.

La Botanica is a highly acclaimed and nationally recognized vegan company focused on empowering communities for a healthier future. We have used  plant-based culinary and healing arts to uplift traditional foodways that  encourage  people to connect with their surrounding environments . Since its  inception in 2015 part of La B’s mission is to create and provide safer spaces for marginalized  communities to come  together and have fun.  We provide catering, workshops, community outreach, pop-ups, online cooking classes and recipes.

Meet the mind behind La Botanica

Reb Mari is a Yanaguana-based, Two – Spirit Tejana with a passion for healing through food, art, and activism. Reb possesses an invigorating spirit, she is a changemaker and trendsetter. She believes healing begins with what we put into our bodies and minds. Reb’s work is centered around her ancestral practices that honor food as medicine.

We team up with Nonprofits and local artists to activate public spaces

We appreciate your ongoing support!

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